Shrub Trimming

Top Three Shrub Trimming Tips

Shrubs provide beautiful borders and add a distinct element of style to any landscape. They also require maintenance and care, such as shrub trimming, to stay looking their best. Check out these three shrub trimming tips to understand how to keep your shrubs lush and attractive.

A Pruned Shrub is a Healthy Shrub

Just as with perennials, annuals, houseplants and trees of any size shrub pruning improves the shape and look of shrubs, but it also helps to maintain plant health. Removing dead or unnecessary parts of the shrub allows for maximum energy and peak plant development. Remember that proper shrub trimming involves pruning off for better health, improved landscape appearance or enhanced plant value, and it always creates a healthier shrub.

No Pruning is Better Than Poor Pruning

Nature prunes plants in many different ways, including weather and wildlife. Man has taken over pruning in our own landscape, but we need to remember that poor shrub care techniques will result in damaged or spent plants. It’s better to let nature take care of things than attempt shrub or tree trimming haphazardly. Experts state that improper trimming and pruning kills more shrubs and trees than pests. Tree care professional have the tools and knowledge to handle your landscape the right way, resulting in optimum beauty and value.

Plant Location Determines Shrub Trimming Requirements

Plant location and landscape needs determine how much or how little shrub trimming will be needed throughout the years. A live fence of shrubs requires consistent trimming, and results in an eye-catching outdoor feature. However a shrub placed in a different location with fertile soil, proper drainage and exposure might require only occasional trimming depending on your needs and expectations. Consult with your local arborist or tree service professional to discuss planting locations and shrub variety to achieve the look you want.

When done right, shrub trimming keeps your plants healthy and happy. Consider the location and expectations of your shrubs and plan to invest in their beauty for the long-term.

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