Stump Grinding

Pros and Cons of Stump Grinding

Are you cutting down a tree on your property and wondering what to do with the stump? Understanding the pros and cons of stump grinding allows you to make a more informed decision about this common landscaping issue.

Pro – Quick and Efficient

It often takes only hours to cut down a tree, and this work is required when storm damage, disease or age hits your tree. Stump removal presents a variety of options ranging from stump grinding to chemical application or even using the old stump within your landscape design. Applying chemicals to an existing stump takes time and the correct process, often requiring attention and work by the homeowner over several weeks, months or even years. Stump grinding, when completed by an experienced professional tree services company is quick – often just a few hours – and efficient, leaving only a pile of useful wood chips or sawdust behind.

Con – An Investment is Required

Hiring a stump grinding contractor does cost more than many chemical products on the market due to the speed and efficiency offered. Consider this an investment in your overall landscape and remember that hiring a pro will result in the ideal landscape for your family’s enjoyment and safety.

Pro – Environmentally Wise

Stump grinding companies use state of the art equipment to tackle stumps of any size and reduce them to a pile of chips without disturbing the surrounding landscape. Leaving a stump to rot or applying chemicals to the area could result in the introduction of disease and other unwanted elements into your property. Why take the risk? Having a stump ground down to just 8 to 10 inches below the surface allows for sod to be laid over the area. Ask your contractor to grind deeper if you plan to replant over the old stump.

Con – A Potentially Messy Process

Hire a professional, local tree service company to complete your stump grinding service to limit any mess. Consider whether you can make use of the resulting wood chips as mulch or ask about complete removal. Remember to talk to your neighbors about this project beforehand and keep the path clear for stump grinding equipment to ensure your project goes smoothly.

Pro – A Clean Slate

Stump grinding provides the quickest path to a clean slate in your yard. Plan a new landscaping project around the area or simply look forward to more lush grass once the pros have cleaned everything up and you will not regret the time and money invested in professional stump grinding services in Massachusetts.