The last couple of weeks have prompted several calls from people in the area, thinking they may have found the Asian Longhorn Beetle. This pest has been responsible for the decline of thousands of trees, primarily in the Worcester area, and has spread to some neighboring communities and was even found in Boston last summer. Unfortunately, once a tree has been confirmed to have an ALB infestation, it must be removed. Close to 100,000 trees have been removed from the greater Worcester area in the past 2 years.

So what are people finding on the North Shore that has prompted so many calls? A native insect, the Whitespotted Sawyer, has been active as summer has arrived. this pest is remarkably similar to ALB, but there are some key differences. If you think you have found ALB, please contact your arborist, tree warden, or a public official to get a confirmation, as we do not want to see this pest spread into our region. Eradication is necessary to rid Massachusetts of this pest, so early detection is the key. Please check out the following site for more complete information and resources at

I am available if you have questions about ALB, think you have found ALB or see the damage of ALB in your trees. Keep your eyes out for this pest and tell your neighbors too!