So it is spring time, but it sure doesn’t feel like it yet. Temperatures are still dipping below freezing at night.

I did see some crabapples, in a sunny southern exposure against a large brick building, that had broken bud, meaning it is starting to push out it’s leaves and flowers. Not many other trees are at this point yet though.

It’s not too late to prune your pome fruits (apple, crabapple, pear, etc) if you are trying to improve fruit production. Doing this now will encourage better flowers and fruitset.

Soon we will see wintermoth caterpillar larvae on newly formed foliage as other trees break bud. If your eyes are really good, you might be able to pop open some buds and find them inside. They are very tiny, so you must look carefully- let me know if you try this and have any luck!

Hemlock Woolly Adelgid, which has been active since January, can now be easily seen in new cottony masses on the undersides of hemlock twigs. Having this pest does not mean you must remove these trees- it is treatable by several methods. Contact us to learn more. If left unchecked, this invasive pest will likely kill even the largest native hemlocks.

I am ready for spring, just maybe one more snowstorm later this week (please no more).

Jeff Bourque