While experts agree that the chemistry of your soil plays an important role in organic plant health care, soil biology cannot be ignored. Compost tea enhances the biology of your soil and improves growing conditions for plants, trees and vegetables. Your local tree service company offers compost tea application that literally transforms the soil.

The More Microbes, the Better

Microbes exist in the soil and may become a source of plant disease and decay. Properly aerated compost tea adds more microbes to your soil, increasing diversity and helping to tip the balance between non-beneficial microbes and beneficial microbes.
This soil addition reduces the risk of plant disease and offers gardeners an alternative to chemical products and fertilizers. Compost tea is a simple, affordable way to add microbes to your soil.

Live Soil vs Sterile Soil

Treating your soil with chemicals may produce the desired results for a short period of time, but then reapplication is necessary. Chemical products affect long-term soil quality, eliminating diversity and leaving the ground sterile.
Synthetic plant nutrients are absorbed into the flowers, trees and shrubs quickly, but this process does not help plants to thrive over the long haul. Synthetic nutrients also leach out of the garden quicker than organics and carry a higher risk of damage with improper application.

On the other hand, compost tea contains active nutrients that improve the overall condition of your soil. Those improvements build over time and nutrient cycling results. Soil with healthy biology retains water properly and attracts native bugs and animals to maintain the balance of nature in your yard.

Remember to consider soil biology, as well as soil chemistry, when planning your plant care regime. Get better soil with compost tea, an organic plant health care tool that enhances growth and reduces the risk of disease.