This is the best time of year to have your trees inspected by an arborist. As all New England natives know, summer storms can be just as damaging as winter storms.

Arborists will check trees for early signs of damage. Wilted trees, or those lacking leaves, are a sign of drought. Trees must be watered to supplement the lack of rain during dry spells. Set up a sprinkler to water the full root area at least once a week. Early morning is the best time to water trees for a few hours. Do not water during the hottest hours of the day. A tree is properly watered if the surrounding soil is damp up to 8 inches deep. This can be checked by poking a hole in the soil.

Trees suffering from a drought can be easily infested by insects and disease. An arborist will decide if any diseased or infested branches need to be removed. Removing these branches helps to keep the tree healthy and safe through future storms.

Summer growth adds a lot of weight to tree branches and the overall tree. The healthy foliage collects water making the branches heavy. An arborist will secure or remove any weak limbs to prevent future damage. This can be done using rope, wooden braces, or wiring to stabilize the tree.

Taking the time to make sure your trees are healthy will save you a significant amount of money in the future.