Leaf Peepers are widely known as those who travel north to witness the colorful New England fall foliage.  Leaf peeping is best done at peak foliage season which varies by state.  The timing for peak foliage depends on elevation, the amount of rain in recent months, air temperature, and sunlight.  Peak foliage begins in northern Maine then slowly travels south through New Hampshire and Massachusetts.  The end of September through the middle of October is generally the best time to plan any leaf peeping road trips.

Fall foliage maps are available in each state, as well as online, to help plan a successful trip.  Keep in mind that trees near populated areas will change color differently than trees in rural areas.  Explore the best foliage by walking or hiking in the woods.  Most people combine leaf peeping with apple picking, pumpkin picking, and enjoying various fairs.  The beautiful fall foliage and all New England has to offer are big tourist attractions.