Mosquitoes bother us and put a damper on our outdoor summer fun. They also carry disease and present health risks to both young and old. But how can organic plant health care combat these pesky bugs and what can the average homeowner do to make this summer mosquito-free? Your tree services expert has the answers.

Benefits of Mosquito Spraying

The spread of diseases such as West Nile Virus and EEE (also known as eastern equine encephalitis) has increased across New England and the eastern seaboard. Many Massachusetts property owners are now relying on the expertise of local arborists and tree services experts to create a season-wide plan for mosquito spraying, in order to control the pest population and limit the spread of disease.

Having a mosquito spraying plan in place allows you the freedom to venture outside at any time of the day and in every season. Depending on the treatment type, weather conditions and other specific site factors, each application clears away mosquitoes for two to four weeks. A regular spray application schedule allows you to avoid worrying about the treatment wearing off and maintains consistency in your outdoor living space.

How Does Organic Plant Health Care Come Into Play?

Many people assume that mosquito spraying products are highly toxic or potentially harmful to the environment. Traditional mosquito spray products have been in use for years in both public and private areas with impressive levels of success. Now, thanks to the advance of technology and an eagerness to maintain an organic lifestyle, consumers can opt for the organic mosquito spray treatment package.

Quality tree services companies offer both traditional and organic mosquito spray products, and aim to deliver the right fit for your needs. Coupled with other methods of organic plant health care to keep trees, turf and gardens thriving, a mosquito spray treatment plan allows you to enjoy the best summer possible in your outdoor living space.