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Our organic compost tea is brewed fresh daily

Our organic compost tea is a living bio-stimulant that provides nutrients to turf and to beneficial soil microbes. We create a healthy soil ecosystem that makes grass thrive because our product is full of soil microbes that boost nutrient uptake.

The Mayer Tree Service Plant Health Care Department Offers organic solutions for healthy soils

  • The Tea Center operates a vermipost facility, which processes organic waste through earthworms, Eisenia fetida aka "The Red wiggler". The worm casings are used to brew organic compost tea. What is compost tea? A brewed, water extract of compost. This is a "cold brewing" process allowing growth of the organisms extracted from the compost. Beneficial microorganisms found in soil, compost, castings and compost teas include; bacteria, protozoa, nematodes and fungal hyphae
  • Treat Plant material as a soil drench, foliar or bark application
  • Commercial & Residential Service
  • Apply to lawns, athletic fields, golf courses, perennial beds, vegetable gardens, ornamental trees & shrubs, potted plants, sustainable landscape, nurseries, greenhouses and organic land care
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