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Puppy itching without tick control

Protect your friends, family, and pets with Mayer tick control program.

Mayer Tree Service’s tick control program repels ticks from your yard. Any ticks that remain are rendered too lazy to eat or reproduce. They’ll no longer have the will to feed off your pets. (5 total applications throughout the year)

How does it work?

The aromatic oil repels ticks from your property the same way cedar wood keeps moths out of closets. This pheromone inhibitor makes adults lazy and confused, keeping them from mating or eating your pets. This application dehydrates eggs and larvae, preventing them from hatching.

Will it harm my pets?

Nope, but we ask that you keep pets off the lawn until the product is dry for about 15 minutes. After that, go wild!

How long is it effective?

Our tick treatments are effective for ~3 to 4 weeks. Successful elimination is far more possible if your neighbors participate.

Will you treat my wood line?

We highly recommend spraying tick control into the wood line. Ticks thrive in high humidity habitats. Therefore, tall grass or leaf piles are hot spots for activity.

  • Mow your lawn—Mow your lawn to the proper height exposes the tick environment, making them very unhappy.
  • Clean up the yard—Make sure your lawn is clear of toys and debris. Next to sucking blood, ticks love nothing more than little hide outs they can sneak into.
  • Keep back woodland buddies—Any warmblooded critter such as raccoons, deer, squirrels or rabbits are prime targets. Bird feeders, the garbage, or leaving out pet food near the home will attract these animals too close for comfort.
  • Cedar mulch—It’s known that cedar repels ticks. Lay down the mulch where your children or pets like to hang out.
  • Water properly—Ensure your lawn isn’t over-watered because this is the environment ticks love; especially if its in the shade.