Caring for your trees involves many tasks, including watering, pruning and fertilization. While your tree services company takes care of the complicated maintenance jobs, property owners can take steps to ensure trees last for decades. Properly mulching trees allows for healthier soil conditions and reduces overall maintenance for most tree species. Learn how mulch helps to maintain a beautiful landscape.

Tip # 1 – Apply the Ideal Amount of Mulch

Soil conditions dictate the appropriate amount of mulch for your trees. Inspect the area for drainage, paying attention to soil composition and grading. Plan to apply 2 to 4 inches of mulch to trees planted in average soil conditions (decent drainage and organic mix). Trees planted in clay soil require a thinner layer of mulch, while those in sandy soils benefit from 4 to 5 inches. Applying too much mulch may harm trees, while too little tends to wear away quickly, leaving the soil exposed.

Tip # 2 – Keep Mulch Away From Tree Trunks

Trees require space. Piling mulch up against the tree trunk encourages several unhealthy conditions, including insect infestation and tree disease. Your tree services expert recommends leaving both the trunk and root crown exposed to maintain optimum airflow and drainage. Watch for shifting mulch and pull the pile away from the trunk on a regular basis.

Tip # 3 – Use the Right Mulch

Trees benefit from organic mulch products, such as mulched leaves, wood chips and composted materials. Avoid using fresh wood chips on younger trees, although this type of mulch works well on mature trees and shrubs. Composted wood chips blended with leaves and bark breaks down over time, feeding the soil and allowing for optimum tree health. Buy mulch from a reputable, local producer for consistency and peak results.

Mulching trees should be a regular part of your landscaping schedule. Trust your tree services company to do the task or follow the above tips and do it yourself. Your trees will thrive with the right type and amount of mulch, applied in the best way.