Your landscape requires maintenance and organic plant health care plays a key role in that ongoing process.  Mayer Tree knows the difference between preventative and reactionary plant and tree care, and also knows when each should come into play on your property. Find out the difference and discover how to enhance your outdoor maintenance schedule.

What is Preventative Plant Health Care?

Think ahead and take care of your plants and trees with various products and applications that prevent pest infestation, disease and premature decay. Outdoor maintenance tasks that fit under the preventative umbrella include:

  • Fertilizer – one of the easiest methods of preventative plant care, the very best fertilizers include compost, vermiculture and other products that promote organic plant health care. Apply fertilizer in a schedule that suits your climate and the plant/tree type.
  • Soil Aeration – boost the nutrients in the soil and improve moisture levels with simple aeration techniques. Encourage “good” bugs and creatures to thrive in your garden in order to capitalize on natural aeration.
  • Mulching – maintain moisture levels in the soil and avoid erosion by laying mulch down. Organic plant health care calls for biodegradable mulch like wood chips, which will break down and enrich the soil over time.
  • Pruning – this process can be both preventative and reactionary, depending on when you call the tree service company. Preventative pruning allows you to shape the tree and avoid problems with leggy plants or a lack of airflow. Reactionary pruning happens when you detect a problem with your trees or plants, including disease and/or rot, and use pruning to correct the issue. Storm damage is also considered reactionary pruning.

Mayer Tree Service Company is knowledgeable and experienced, with years of tree and garden care under their belt. In many cases, preventative care helps to cut down on the overall cost of outdoor maintenance and reduces the risk of serious damage to your home and landscape. Reactionary plant care may be necessary, but when you trust your tree service professional to take care of preventative and organic plant health care, it becomes less frequent.