Dealing with an insect infestation or plant disease in your yard requires patience, planning and the help of a professional. Many tree service experts recommend tree injection to address these types of problem efficiently and effectively. How do homeowners know when this process is necessary?

Understanding How Tree Injection Works

Tree service professionals use a special tool to insert pesticide directly into the tree with this method. The injection site is then sealed with septum to avoid leakage, which often leads to environmental problems and poor results. Quality tree injection methods treat the disease or pest problem quickly and for an extended period of time, moving through the tree’s vascular system and straight to the source of the problem.

Less pesticide is required for this method of tree care due to the direct delivery method. And the eco-conscious design prevents leakage and reduces the risk of additional environmental problems. Your tree service company determines the amount of product required based on the tree’s diameter. In most cases the injection site goes about 5/8″” to 1 5/8″” deep into the trunk and is effective when located near the tree base.

When Should You Invest in Tree Injection?

This type of plant care works very well against the Emerald Ash Borer, a particularly nasty problem in New England and other parts of the United States. Application times range from May to October allowing the pesticide to travel with naturally flowing nutrients and water. If treated during this time with a quality tree injection product your ash trees stand a much better chance of withstanding an Emerald Ash Borer attack.

Homeowners faced with an infestation of the Emerald Ash Borer can also take advantage of this method’s speed and potency. A tree service expert may be able to save your tree if tree injection is used soon enough and in the correct manner.