Strong winds, heavy storms and time all result in cracked tree branches. Your local tree services company provides the expertise required to handle this problem quickly and affordably, allowing for a safer, more attractive landscape on your property.

How does a tree services company deal with cracked branches? It may depend on the circumstances.

Common Problems Caused By Cracked Tree Branches

Property owners need to keep an eye out for cracked branches. Even one broken branch on a medium-sized tree can present serious risks, including:

  • risk of damage to your house from fallen branches
  •  risk of damage to nearby electric wires or cables
  • risk of damage to vehicles and out-buildings, such as sheds or garages
  • risk of injury to your family, neighbors and visitors
  • risk of damage to the tree due to exposure, pest infestation and other unhealthy conditions

What Your Tree Services Company Does to Help

Your tree services expert must assess the problem first. This allows for diagnose of the problem, which could range from storm damage to pollution problems, pest infestations or general weakened tree conditions. The ideal solution depends on what is detected during this assessment.

Common approaches to this problem include:

Pruning – trimming away the broken or cracked branches allows the balance of the tree to thrive
Cabling – this method preserves the tree’s appearance and form
Bracing like cabling, – bracing provides the necessary support and structure to maintain the original tree form
Tree Removal – in severe cases tree removal may be the only option to remove the risks

Contact your local tree services company if weather conditions, tree disease or pests have left you with broken or cracked tree branches. These experts provide specific advice and direction designed to suit your landscape, budget and schedule.